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Useful youtube videos for lazy people like me

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I just took optical systems and I want to share some useful video links for fellows like me who are not that familar with pn-junctions and other semiconductor stuff we should all have learnt at some point. the videos basically cover the first half of the lecture and are really extensive. the best part is that you just have to watch and listen and instead of searching through many textbooks ;) so here are the videos:

Modern Physics Lecture 30, foundations of the PN junction"

guest lecture Asad Abidi - excellent video pn-junction, very intuitive, with unfortunately poor video quality. the only thing this misses to be perfect is an energy level view

course "Semiconductor Optoelectronics by Prof. M. R. Shenoy"

everything is explained in a well chosen pace on the blackboard, the guy knows even indirect bandgaps by heart and can explain things. altough i needed some time to get used to his accent ;) oh and the intro music is very catchy

  • - lecture 09 "Quasi Fermi Levels": band diagram, band structure, intra and intra band transitions explained with a water pump analogy, quasi fermi level
  • - lecture 10 "Semiconductor Materials" on semiconductor materials GaAs AlAs(?), I skipped directly to the explaination of direct and indirect semiconductors
  • - lecture 11 "Semiconductor Hetrostructures-Lattice-Matched Layers" explaines semiconductor heterostructures
  • - lecture 12 "Strained-Layer Epitaxy and Quantum Well Structures" how a quantum well is built in reality and a recap of quantum well's equations
  • - lecture 13 "Bandgap Engineering" how you can modify the size of the bandgap and to draw those heterostructure diagrams
  • - lecture 14 "Hetrostructure p-n junctions" explains how to draw banddiagrams for heterostructure p-n junctions and why this helps to achieve carrier confinement in the active region
  • - at this point i was to lazy taking notes but i found myself binch watching almost the whole course to refresh my semiconductor knowledge. be aware that the course does not cover all of the lecture so you need some additional research for the topics not covered.

I also recommend to watch an oral exam to get used to his questioning style :)

hopefully this will help someone, it for sure helped me.

good luck for the exam and don't panic!

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